If we accept your ask for a Citi Flex Loan

Your loan will show up as being a brand new citi flex arrange on your own next declaration as being a deal published on the declaration for the complete level of the mortgage. You will find information about your Citi Flex Loan, together with your initial and present stability ( at the time of the statement closing date) and necessary payment due each billing period (your Citi Flex Plan re re Payment Amount), under “Citi Flex Arrange details” in your declaration. The Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount that you’re expected to spend each payment duration will appear on your declaration in the Minimum Payment Due.

The Citi Flex Plan Payment Amount that you will be necessary to spend each payment duration is roofed in your Minimum Payment Due, and it is due regarding the payment deadline disclosed in your declaration. For brand new Citi Flex Plans, very first Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount will contain principal only, then after that, the Citi Flex Plan Payment Amount should include interest fees in the Citi Flex Plan balance for that billing period and also a portion of this amount that is principal.

No. You need to make only 1 minimal payment each thirty days in your account, which include your Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount. Nevertheless, you may possibly elect to spend significantly more than the mandatory minimal Payment Due, and you may make payments that are additional your bank account whenever you want.

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